I am told a power nap is good for you. Sleep has a different pattern for me. If I am sleeping I really don't want to wake up and I want to get away with as much of it as possible. If I am awake I just don't find any time to go to sleep, the end result being I would be lucky if I get a 6 hour sleep on the average.

But I do try to sneak in a 30 minute walk usually after lunch. I am not sure what happens to others when they walk. In my case all kinds of ideas come to the surfaces mostly in a babble. Some of them, usually one or two get consolidated by the end of the walk. They are usually one liners, very similar to the title of this write up. This is most productive when I walk alone. Although quite enjoyable with company, a walk doesn't seem to be equally fruitful. A conversation seem to prefer a certain quiteness to the body such as a comfortable sofa.