19-Nov-16 (Created: 19-Nov-16) | More in 'Dell Boomi iPAAS'

Set Properties, Numerous Large documents, Reuse, Profiles, Enriching data

As documents travel through boomi processes, the documents get enhanced. More fields get added. You can do this either by enhancing the profile and use a map to enrich the data or add the additional fields as properties of a document. Programmers also try to reuse certain processes like one does in a programming language. Should one rely on profiles for the reuse or the properties of a document to process them? Also if you were to have a 30,000 documents and each document is 10 to 50k in size, what is the impact of set properties? Also is it better off forwarding only the documents with minimum set of data or just pass the original set even it is large? As I know more I will document some trade offs and a few thoughts