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One world One Child - 11/3/05

How to talk to your dog - 11/3/05

The worst hard time: The untold story of those who survived the great american dust bowl - Mar 4th 2006

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Undaunted Courage" is historian Stephen E. Ambrose's masterfully told and compelling account of The Lewis and Clark expedition, one of the most historically significant journeys of exploration in American history.

Relying extensively on the Journals of Lewis and Clark, Ambrose has put together a highly entertaining, meticulously researched, wonderfully readable, and fast paced narrative that interweaves a fascinating biography of Meriwether Lewis with a spellbinding account of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Timothy Egan chronicles how people lived through the great depression. The agro disaster may have some lessons for largely agronomical India.

How various languages differ or richer in their vocabulary in peculiar areas. For example :

"tingo" means "to borrow things from a friends house one by one until the friend runs out". Why does Easter Islanders have this word.

An inspiring off beat photographs of "Picorino" the dog, at some of the very popular places.

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