Unhappy, and unsettled, a bottle of ideas I shook,
From the land familiar, a journey of leisure I undertook

Lands far away I imagined
Lands dangerous
Lands law less
Lands with out rules
To a land separated I went

Many Months I have spent
Collecting documents
To Prove I am who I say I am

Flew on big birds
waited in lounges clean and dirty
but commonly indifferent to all things insignificant

Spent my time jolly
Slept late
Missed my plane
Hit with dementia
Forgot who I am
Lost my papers to a pick pocket  

Pontificating Men with goatees
Women with scowly faces
rejected my pleas
denied my identity
put me in prisons

To the land familiar I could not get back
In the land familar no one have heard of me or seen me again