How to use feedback in akf

code: java, xml code segments
code1: replaces tabs as well
gquestion: google question
aquestion: android question
whoareyou: locate the javascript source file
dict: dictionary links for a list of words
olist: ordered list
plist: list of lines with p tags

pending: red color
attention: purple
quote1: italic
   quote2, quote3, quote4

1: some_subject|command_name
2: body

The line 1 goes in the subject line fo the feedback form. The line 2, body part goes in the description of the feedback form

Some commands don't need the body portion.

Each command and css class is documented below

<your java code or xml code goes in the body>

body is required. The body can be xml code or java code or any other code. Key xml characters are replaced with their equivalents.

you can use this command to put a list of lines as well as in


Same as code. In addition it replaces "tab" characters with 3 spaces. Good for compacting run away lines.

some subject|images

body not required.

it searches google for images belonging to "some subject"

some subject|link
web url or address

requires body.

Creates a link pointing to the web url specified in the body portion.

some subject|question

body not required.

Takes the subject and colors it with style "pendign" giving it a red color. You can use this to see what issues are pendign later.

some subject|google

body not required.

Searches google for the subject specified.

some subject|google

body not required.

Searches google for the subject specified.

some subject|dict

Creates dictionary links for the vocabulary words.

some subject|olist

Creates an ordered list with a div around it. The classname for the div would be "olist"

some subject|plist

Creates a series of paragraph tags for each new line and puts them in a div called "plist". Style that div to get your desired effect.

Here is help documents on how to style this site

Some google drive image|gdlink

This link is what you get by going to the google drive and making your folder public and then highlight the image. Then use sharelink to copy the sharable URL to the clip board. You can then paste that URL as indicated above. This URL will then be converted to the right format allowing you to show the image.

gdlink: here is more on sharing images from google