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What are git groups

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What is the difference between GitLab and GitHub?

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An article on how gitlab and github are different

Ok! They do look like different companies. That much I have extrapolated and figured out.

Both have cloud based options.

Gitlab seem to be free for both priavate and public repos as long as they meet size limits.

Github is older and seem more mature.

Gitlab sourcecode itself is open sourced.

Github charges a nominal 7$ a month fee for private projects.

Github is faster response times. Gitlab cloud product appears to be very slow, really slow from the posts. They may improve

Gitlab, as it is open source, one can host on premise on their own servers to get over the speed limitations.

That is what I know so far!

GitHub is cloud only. Even enterprises will use the same cloud instance like SAAS (salesforce). It is not clear what is the overhead for an enterprise to manage and maintain an on premise gitlab solution.

Gitlab documentation on groups

They seem to be called organizations in GitHub

A group in gitlab allows related projects to be grouped together to grant access to members

Groups can have nested groups (subgroups)

A group can have projects, but also members

A user can be a member of many groups

You can grant access to all projects in a group for a member of that group.

A URL can refer to (namespace) a group, a subgroup, or a user

A group has a) URL path b) name c) description d) private, internal, or public

Group project URLs are prefixed with the group namespace

Existing projects can change group membership

Group owners and masters can give access to other members

Group membership can be managed through LDAP

gitlab user roles

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Here is gitlab documentation on user roles: Permissions


Same roles exist at a Group level


Apparently "Admin" is different and replacing the "Owner"

How are Gitlab CI/CD roles differ from Project roles for a member?

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Here is an article on CI Job permission model

Understand Markdown

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Github Markdown Docs