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Best open source iot frameworks

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Slideshare: Comparison of Open Source Frameworks for Integrating the Internet of Things

Eclipse Kura (Camel)
Node Red

What is iOT edge integration

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Apache - MiNifi/Nifi: Data ingestion at the edge

Apache Storm


Kura - Java DSL and Camel 
Nodered - Javascript (visual)
Flogo - Go lang (visual)

There is a thought that Java is too heavy for edge servers

Flogo nano services on microcontrollers

IBM open whisk

On Flogo

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Flogo licensing

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A list of iOT platforms

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Microsoft azure IOT Services

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Big Data and iOT flows in Azure

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Azure iOT Reference architecture

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it is Java AKKA based framework

More on thingsboard iot gateway

Akka - for actor system implementation
Zookeeper - for services coordination
gRPC - for high-performance RPC
Cassandra - as a scalable and reliable database

cassandra and

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It is built on java

Connect to various front end field devices in a variety of formats

Provide a persistent layer to keep that data guaranteed

Convert data to common format

is it a physical appliance?

Does it talk to devices through wifi?

Or is it an internet device?

Is it like a router?

What hardware is the gateway?

What is OPC-UA?

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it is an optimized enhanced, made independent, Microsoft DCOM and SOAP like effort to have industrial devices talk to each other, perhaps over any network including tcp/ip.

MQTT Broker

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MQTT essentials

Can run on top of tcp/ip networks

Client is very light, the one that connects to a server which is the broker. Many client libraries are available

Clients may sit behind ip routers like homes

An MQTT broker can sit anywhere reachable by tcp/ip

Broker has authentication protocols enabled

it has persistence

Broker is the central hub

Needs to be highly scalable

How is an MQTT broker identified to an MQTT client?

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Thingsboard gateway installation

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Here is how to install on windows

It is a java based software that sits on any server (like windows) like a web server on top of tcp/ip. It can be anywhere as long as the devices can reach it via MQTT (which itself can run on tcp/ip).

Difference between Thingsboard iot gateway and thingsboard server node

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A thingsboard server only allows certain protocols like MQTT

The gateway will bridge the gap with connectivity to devices and a variety of protocols

Many IoT devices can?t afford to embed third-party SDK. ThingsBoard provides quite simple API over common IoT protocols. You can choose any client-side library you like or use your own.

You can use MQTT (over SSL) or HTTPS protocols for transport encryption.

Each device has unique access token credentials that is used to setup connection. Credentials type is pluggable, so X.509 certificates support is coming soon.

Kaa Project Google PhysicalWeb

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Here is overview of Kaa

Kaa enables data management for connected objects and your back-end infrastructure by providing the server and endpoint SDK components. The SDKs get embedded into your connected device and implement real-time bi-directional data exchange with the server. Kaa SDKs are capable of being integrated with virtually any type of connected device or microchip.

The Kaa server provides all the back-end functionality needed to operate even large-scale and mission-critical IoT solutions. It handles all the communication across connected objects, including data consistency and security, device interoperability, and failure-proof connectivity.

The Kaa server features well-established interfaces for integration with data management and analytics systems, as well as with your product-specific services. It acts as a foundation for your back-end system that you are free to expand and customize to meet the specific requirements of your product.

Kaa architecture overview is here

What language is Kaa written in

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Here is Kaa faq

Some metadata is stored in an SQL database, but all of the endpoint-related data is stored in a NoSQL database. Kaa currently supports two options for NoSQL data storage: Cassandra and MongoDB. Kaa provides an abstraction layer for data storage, which means that you can develop and use plugins for other NoSQL databases.

Spring Framework.

You can integrate the Kaa SDK with a hub that has an IP connection to the cloud, and a Zigbee coordinator and/or a Bluetooth controller. For example, this hub can be a Raspberry Pi board that is connected to your local WiFi network and has an XBee module. The hub would then use Kaa to represent the devices behind it.

Alternatively, an IP transport can be implemented on top of a non-IP connectivity layer. In this case, the Kaa SDK can be embedded into the actual endpoint device, and the hub would act as a bridge.

hardware wifi iot hubs

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Microsoft Blog on Internet of Things: IOT

What are edge computers: Vendor Extrovert

Show images for: Microsoft Azure IOT Architecture

what is

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Those will include services based on Microsoft's open source project for building sensor boards using hardware like Arduino UNO or DUE, Raspberry Pi, Gadgeteer or Intel Galileo. homepage

Azure IOT Features

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Bidirectional Communication
Device Authentication
Device Registration and Provisioning
Device Management
Edge computing

Comparison of Open Source Process Engines for Edge Integration

Connectivity and orchestration of various IoT data sources and technologies such as MQTT, CoaP or REST

Wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services

Data Cleaning: Transformation, filtering, routing, aggregation, enrichment of data

Data Processing: Error handling, Re-Try, Re-Routing, Waiting, Resuming

Synchronous and asynchronous communication

Typically, real time processing

Visual coding, testing and debugging with flow editor, but also option respectively need to write source code and extend components using the open SDKs and APIs.

Deployed at the edge, either at a local IoT Gateway or directly on devices and sensors

Here are various eclipse projects for IOT, 2016

iot device connectivity software

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A list of things that might help

OpenIOT Kaa Thingsboard

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Here is a list of Eclipse IOT projects

What is a good database to hold IOT Data for analytics?

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Hardware IOT gateways

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what percentage of iot devices speak tcp/ip?

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Intel Edison?

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