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Build IoT applications that run on edge devices and quickly integrate them with IoT gateways and cloud services like AWS? IoT or Microsoft AzureŽ IoT Hub.

Examples of integration applications include Device Activation, Remote Device Diagnostics, Sensor Event Processing, etc.

Go based

Ultra light weight

Move true intelligence to the edge with Project Flogo machine learning capabilities.

Run Machine learning models including Google TensorFlow as Flogo activities on tiny edge devices and in doing so, lower operational costs up to 85%

Flows as functions in Flogo

Run on devices like intel edison, or arduino

Run on devices, edge servers, or cloud

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Eclpse Kura key features

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Communication with devices

Periodically acquire data from its channels, store them in the gateway, filter or aggregate them using powerful SQL queries, and send the results to the cloud

Drag and drop programming like Nodered or Flogo

Connect out of the box to cloud IOT like Azure and Amazon

How does Flogo does event persistence or buffering?

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How does flogo gurantee iot messages?

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