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05 Basic HTML for Teens

You will learn the basics of html here. At the heart html is this simple.

HTML is a document

When you use microsoft word to create a file you have created a document that has paragraphs, headings, images, bullet lists, tables etc. HTML is JUST another way of creating a similar looking document.

HTML is a text file

HTML is a text file on a computer that has the following text in it.

<!-- This is a comment in the document. this is not visible -->
<!-- Here you describe the document -->
<!-- This is your body. Everything you put here is visible -->

The words between angular brackets are called tags or html tags. All your information in this document must be between these html tags. There are lots of tags. Each tag means something. Learning html is learning these tags to write your document.

Each tag opens and closes. Everything inside those two tags belongs to that tag.

In this example you have learned 3 tags. These are


The fourth one you learned is a comment tag.

A simple document that says "Hello World"

Hello World.

In this example the tag


represents a paragraph. Other useful tags are


All these are various heading tags. You can use them like this

<p>Main heading</p>
<h2>Sub heading</h2>
<p>A paragraph under that heading</p>

Example of list tags

Here is how you write an unordered list


Change ul to ol to make it a numbered list

Here is how you create a table

Basic structure of a table

<!-- row 1-->
<!-- row 2-->

How can I test this

Create a file with these tags on your windows computer and use internet explorer to open these files and you should see the document. Or you can use any online editors on facebook or drupal to type this html and test it

where to go from here

Learning html is learning more and more tags. Go to w3c schools html reference page to learn about more tags.

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Do not spend a whole lot of time more than this to understand the basics.