Humanities 2007

0) humanities: Real Age Makeover (12-Dec-08)

1) Book: If you like Dogs, and not particularly Math, this one may be for you (17-Feb-07)

2) keith devlin math and wobbly tables (17-Feb-07)

3) The plow that broke the plains, The River, Virgil Thompson (17-Feb-07)

4) To purpose; to plan; as, he lays out to make a journey. (10-Feb-07)

5) Shel Silverstein (8-Feb-07)

6) when it is in use we feel very good - Carl Sagan (22-Jan-07)

7) No man who is occupied ... - George Bernard Shaw (22-Jan-07)

8) Exercising the patience - Dalai Lama (22-Jan-07)

9) That presses the essence from the hour - Mary Oliver (22-Jan-07)

10) To gain in strength and elevation of mind - Marceline Desbordes Valmore (22-Jan-07)

11) Do some one thing superlatively well - Hortense Odlum (22-Jan-07)

12) I believe that we learn by practice - Martha Graham (22-Jan-07)

13) To devote its entire heart and mind (4-Jan-07)

14) What an expensive education can buy you!! (28-Dec-06)

15) Spelling is important!! (6-Dec-06)

16) Google Dinosaur (10-Nov-06)

17) David Blaine (6-Nov-06)

18) Brett Leake (6-Nov-06)

19) Children of the Alley: Egyptian Nobel Laureate (30-Aug-06)

20) Mark Hauser: Moral Minds (30-Aug-06)

21) Speed Bumps... (24-Aug-06)

22) Journey.. (17-Aug-06)

23) The wailin Jennys (6-Aug-06)

24) If you've seen one you've seen Amal... (23-Jul-06)

25) don't be anything less than everything you can be - Hal Hackady, Larry Grossman (18-Jul-06)

26) Mattanu pulakaagra kanthatha vitaanamu thakina (19-Jun-06)

27) Putt's first law and its corollary (18-Apr-06)

28) Ozymandias (14-Apr-06)

29) Looking up 'Indra Neelam' (2-Apr-06)

30) Ask the experts at scienttific american (26-Mar-06)

31) Phylum (26-Mar-06)

32) Nematology (26-Mar-06)

33) The Reduced Shakespeare company (26-Mar-06)

34) Karen L. King (26-Mar-06)

35) humanities: Mick Moloney (21-Mar-06)

36) Book log (4-Mar-06)

37) 18 years of toil, a lot of help from the compiler, and a small but rare personal distinction (22-Oct-05)

38) A power walk for your divergent brain as a power nap is to your restless body (22-Oct-05)

39) Of colors (24-Sep-05)

40) Donate to red cross hurricane relief (1-Sep-05)

41) stopping by woods on a snowy evening - Robert Frost (28-Aug-05)

42) Navigating a grid lay out: A trivial pursuit (30-Jul-05)

43) Eighteen Recommended Books for Girls (29-Jul-05)

44) Implacable (17-Jul-05)

45) Nature conservancy website (10-Jul-05)

46) John scofield (18-Jun-05)

47) Additional names in search of ideas (17-Jun-05)

48) Notes on writing (16-Jun-05)

49) An automatic language translation web site (7-Jun-05)

50) Crown of the continent (25-May-05)

51) hum: Pacifier is a good film (5-Mar-05)

52) MIT Presidents (11-Feb-05)

53) Education for a New Era (11-Feb-05)

54) For the people, by the people (20-Dec-04)

55) The pilgrim girl (29-Nov-04)

56) Paul Graham is a brilliant writer (4-Aug-04)

57) The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths - Bruce Nauman (12-Jul-04)

58) Her fire had Freon in it - Richard Corliss on Katharine Hepburn (25-Jun-04)

59) The circumstances of education in 18th and 19th century America (11-Jun-04)

60) ASCII smileys compiled by James Marshall (10-Jun-04)

61) Palette is spelled "pallete" and not "pallete" (24-Apr-04)

62) Ideas from a prominent set of individuals on invention (17-Apr-04)

63) George Eliot (13-Apr-04)

64) Mystic's musings (5-Jan-04)

65) Political commentary (1-Jan-04)

66) Fearfully and wonderfully made (13-Oct-03)

67) Mary Pipher: Author of Reviving Ophelia (5-Sep-03)

68) Sleep after toil - A quote by Edmund Spenser (5-Aug-03)

69) Anu Garg: A word a day (5-Aug-03)

70) Diane Ackerman (b. 1948) (5-Aug-03)