0) Young Lincoln - netflix (A glimpse at leadership) (2-Aug-17)

1) Master of None - Netflix (Gorgeous!) (2-Aug-17)

2) To Kill a Mocking Bird (I would have liked more words) (2-Aug-17)

3) Teachers Pet - netflix (Lovely black and white) (2-Aug-17)

4) Imitation Game - netflix (Intention and Effort an invitation to beauty) (2-Aug-17)

5) West Wing on Netflix - Beautiful Pace (2-Aug-17)

6) La La Land - Let life be a song (19-Apr-17)

7) Netflix: Sandy Wexler is pretty good (19-Apr-17)

8) Netflix: Trouble with Curved ball is excellent (19-Apr-17)

9) A set of OK films (3-Aug-16)

10) 4980 Hobbit 2 is surprisingly good: Able to infuse drama, beauty, and poetry (2-Aug-16)

11) Good Film: Blended Family (3-Nov-14)

12) Good Film: Prince of Prussia (3-Nov-14)

13) A List of Terrible Films (3-Nov-14)

14) Good Film: Million Dollar Arm (3-Nov-14)

15) Burlesque is a gorgeous film (30-Nov-13)

16) You may have to watch #oblivion three times to realize it is still disappointing (9-Sep-13)

17) Midnight in Paris is not a bad flick! (9-Sep-13)

18) iron man x, fast and furious z: mostly a technological romp, at best!! (3-Jun-13)

19) Hobbit has impressive visuals. I like it! (3-Jun-13)

20) Aliens and Cowboys is surprisingly underrated. Mr Ford is great in the film! (4-May-12)

21) Bruce Almighty is a pretty #GoodMovie (4-May-12)

22) The Book of Eli (22-Feb-12)

23) Sea Biscuit (22-Feb-12)

24) Ip Man: A great motion picture (2-Jun-11)

25) August Rush is a nice movie (13-Jul-09)

26) A great film "Life is Beautiful" (18-Dec-06)

27) Rain Coat (4-Jun-05)

28) movie: The Terminal with Tom Hanks is a good film to watch (29-Nov-04)

29) movie: Hidalgo is a good film (29-Nov-04)

30) Richard Corliss (5-Aug-03)