Aspire Knowledge Center (akc)

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akc data model - Jan 2012

Bring the Programmable Web to Aspire and AKC

Create a primitive framework for client side controls

Define the architecture for Apps in AKC

Develop a facility for co op learning model

Expand persistent logins

Fix the kids projects features in a knowledge folder

Help/Sample scripts for page and folder menus

How to use feedback in akf

Implement a document storage model

Implement a list of lists editor

Implement discuss this on twitter feature!

Implement server side substitutions in master pages

Implement topic cards in AKC

implementing http digest for akc

18) New test note


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Provide a way to redirect an item to another item

Put checks on additional arguments or size of arguments on the incoming URLs

You will find here research on http digest and persistent logins inorder to extend akc logins

22) Test file for http posts


Test file for http posts

Test file to test test widgets

This sure is an interesting document

This file demonstrates code generation using html template servers. You start with a generic object definition. A number of templates with the help of the AspireWeb AKC CMS and JSRender can make the code generation incredibly sweet and simple.

See examples below where it took me less than 20 minutes to code gen a java class, and a create table.