I had the most difficult time getting eclipse 3.0.1 to work with the current CVSNT build CVSNT 2.0.58d. The knot has been finally unravelled and what I found, more importantly how I found out, seem to be a glimpse of how OpenSource and by extension any evoliving (and hence good quality) software matures.

The findings can answer the following comments fears regarding OpenSource software

  1. There is not much help available on your product
  2. Unlike a product from a large company I can not get support when I need it
  3. Quality is not there

1) Egret


3) Harddrive Bargains!!!


Nathan, Thanks for pointing out. 10,000 dollars for 120 mb

Understand how to write notes so that you can share them with others over the web.

Like many other I-will-do-it-myself programmers I have ended up with my own blogging software at about the same time as the OSCON 2003. I had been planning on adding seemingly simple enhancements since then. While I have rejected (temporarily) the "feedback" and "shortcuts", I did implement the "masterpages" during these holidays. The result can be seen at the following URL

Knowledge Folders of Satya Komatineni

If you are curious about the story click on the weblog to read in full

National Hurricane Center Go here and click on maps and charts

I am not much of a game player. Never too late to start. So I have ventured out and bought a gameboy advanced sp for my 5 year old daughter. It is quite well made as far as craftsmanship goes. It is a completely different matter when it comes to playing. I found it so hard to play the game. There are only a couple of keys which work in ten different ways depending on the context. It require a whole 30 page manual with multi colored drawings to explain the game.

At the same time I can not believe there are millions of copies sold. My brain must work differently. I just don't find it enjoyable figuring out the complexity of these games.

Perhaps I will change my mind as I get more familiarized with it.


Notes from nhtsa

An interesting use of flash to read tires

Importantly, the max PSI or the pressure that the gas pumps indicate is on the tire as well, although looking up your manual is the best.

This label may read "max press". It is also called Maximum permissible inflation pressure.

Well read it from the pros

I have this notion more and more that the new face of email is actually a web page, albeit secured, and enabled with the directness of a wiki.

Individual Communication

Two individuals rarely speak on a topic using a single email. It is usually a thread of communication. The idea of a "subject", "to", "from" all become implied for that thread of communication. Although these semantics lie in the heart of a POP server, as far as the UI is concerned it can just be a conversation on a webpage that is visible only to the specified parties.

Group communication

Samething is true with groups or teams working on a project. Most of the times that communication needs to take place with the project as the background. Here again the communication can be on a web page with the email and the wiki integrated where the items are stored in a pop server where as displayed as a set of group items.

Seek and not react

Email is a perfect reactionary vehicle. We are used to the mode where if it is not in the email it will not be worked on. This is quite reactionary. An effective individual can rather monitor a set of activities that he/she is in control of and not necessarily driven by someone else.

Integrating pop and ui

The storage mechanism for this idea can still be pop and the existing email systems can be used perfectly well except that the vehicle for interaction with the pop is a web page or a collection of web pages that are secure and enabled for wiki. For instance when an email is sent it can just be part of the web page or when the web page is updated it can send an email.