6 bucks for a really sucky turkey starbucks sandwich!!!

1) A good pencil


A good pencil

The list of things I shouldn't buy from Publix

Can openers
Cutting Knives
Anything that has a sharp edge...
...anything other than mostly food

I tell myself every time not to buy a Kirkland product again. But I give in to the temptation and it just burns me every time. I should learn my lesson now. Almost every food product bought of this brand is just total trash!!

How can Costco carry such brands for so long!!! But they do.

4) Dishwashers



It costs $369 and works no better on most surfaces and, like others, just won't work on plush carpets!!

I have had such a bad experience buying the vacuum cleaners. I have bought 3 in the last 5 years. They are all pretty bad

Difficult to push/roll on plush carpet.
It is so hard they just won't work.
The combs continue to wrap aroudnd the strands

So I decided to cough up the money for a Dyson. It works no better. Does not solve a single stated problem above. Total disappointment despite the tall marketing English-accented-speak!!!

If this is true with other Dyson models, given the hype, (i find it hard to believe otherwise) Dont' waste your money.

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I should stop buying fruits at my local Publix! Strawberries are 80% of the time tasteless. Mangoes are not of right texture inside and pricey. Apples are too ripe at least 50% of the time. Peaches won't stay more than a day. In this area if I want to buy fruits with a reasonable guarantee (70%) I try Costco.

Samsung Chromebook is hugely Underwhelming!

9) Samsung Galaxy S4


Samsung Galaxy S4

Shoes: what are good companies

This is really interesting: messing with Portraits!!

I have about 30,000 miles on the vehicle. I had Bridgestone tires that came with it when I bought it. I suppose that is about the time these tires give up.

So the dealership quoted about $900 to replace them. I thought, being the dealership, they would be more expensive. About $250.00 out of that is labor and taxes.

So I went to TiresPlus store. They started at $1050. I finally adjusted the type of tires and the final cost to $900. The tires seem to have 60,000 miles warranty. (Not sure what that really means in 2 years!!)

Next time I think I will just use the dealership. They were quite competetivie.

BHG knives

Search for: BHG knives

Not sure what this brand is or how good they are but I picked up a small knife from Walmart. To my significant surprise it has been lasting for a year and very good.

This is the opposite experience from buying anything related to kitchen from Publix, and even other places for that matter.

I am still on the look out for a good can opener. I only bought about 20 so far. They barely work once or twice!!