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How Modern Societies are abandoning their young! The crisis of Jobs

There is much certainity in the agora (public square) that the crisis of jobs today is one of education.

On much reflection I claim that the problem is not one of education. My hypothesis goes like this. For a given amount of population jobs don't depend on how many years someone went to school.

It was, and probably is even today, true that there are hoardes of engineers, lawyers, and those with masters degrees going with out jobs in India. So getting the unemployed earn advanced degrees would not have solved the problem.

Then one flips the coin and say the problem is demand. But this fails to validate in the United states context. Working for a large corporation, I know that there is a substantial need to hire more people.

So there is a chasm that needs to be solved.

In the long run a "job" is about work and not money. Money will follow.

A 100 years ago a father or mother will take along their kids in their respective professions. You learn on the job. You survive in the context of your relative prosperity. This is not the case anymore in modern societies. The skills and training is transferred to schools and other corporations and as a parent you have very little time to mold and train your young.

This is not a bemoaning fact but the consequences are not entirely desirable unless there is a shift in community thought.

Now to the point I want to make. Corporations MUST hire high school graduates as percentage mandate.They should remove the bachelors requirement. 80% of the work even the most demanding corporation does can be taught with in a few months. Pay them less. that is ok. As I said money is not same as work. It is the work that is holy of the two. Demand more of young to perform. Give them hope. Give them dignity. Give them confidence. Give them an Umbrella.