9-Apr-12 (Created: 9-Apr-12) | More in 'Humanities Current'

In praise of American Institutions

I caught an hour of CSPAN sporadically as I was preparing breakfast and lunch for the kids that are both in American public schools.

The program was interviewing high school students that were chosen to be given a week long experience-tour of the congress and the American Government (I surmise as I didn't catch the title of the program).

I was so impressed with the high-school-age students that were present. They spoke clearly. They spoke eloquently. They clearly spoke from the heart. They are hopeful yet practical. They were willing to be inspired. There were lots of them. Probably most states were represented. It does make one wonder what if you were to make them a working-congress for a month!!

Someone somewhere is doing a GREAT job with these kids!!

I say America is in good hands growing up!