4-May-12 (Created: 4-May-12) | More in 'Movies'

Bruce Almighty is a pretty #GoodMovie

The statement requires a bit of clarification. It is not one of those films everyone will jump at to instantaneously recommend.

Now that I have for sure grown older, I do have a lot of freedom to like what I like.

I did grow out of artsy films that I seemed to have been proud-of-liking for no good reason other than it was cool to like them. So I do like popular films quite a bit.

However for the 90 minutes stretch I feel profited if at least 2 minutes of it has some redeeming qualities. That is all I am looking for. And it does help if the director doesn't assume that the audience is usually pretty inane.

2 minutes out a 90 minute charade is not a lot to ask. That is roughly 2%.

And this movie does deliver that 2% bench mark. :). There is one line that says

"When a teenager says no to drugs and says yes to education, that is a Miracle"

And then after a chaotic run around, a mop and a large mop-needed-surface, to untie the mind does acquire a bit of redemption for me.