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Developmentor thread on rules engines

You might find this article interesting.

A Design Pattern for a Rule Engine http://www.ftponline.com/javapro/2003_08/online/xml_yboglaev_08_01_03/default.aspx

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We are looking at:


Pros\cons?  Any others out there worth looking at?

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We are in the design phase forr updates We are thinking about building a rules engine of sorts vs. hard coding business rules into our app. Our ideas are to: 1) store the rules in a sql table or xml file 2) all calls to Save pass a Datatable or DataRow off to the Rules Engine 3) retrieve the rules for that datatable 4) 'run' the rules using the datatable\DataRow 5) keep a collection of warnings\failures 6) return an enum that the caller to check...success, failure, etc 7) retrieve the warnings\failures 8) dialog or use error provider to show the warnings\failures 9) provide a front end for different clients to select what rules they wish to use

The app will be deployed via o touch deploy so I am not sure storing the rules in an xml file will work.

Is there anything built into the framework that we should look at that may handle all of or parts of this for us already? Greg Robinson Custom Data Systems, Inc. www.cds-am.net