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Taking stock of 2012

What did I hate in 2012?

Emirates Air Lines
Qatar Air Lines
Airports: Doha and Dubai
Getting an Indian Visa
What are disappointments in 2012?

Lightweight Toshiba laptop
Fancy ASUS laptop
What continues to work?

ACER laptop
What I loved in 2012?

Seeing a teenager get into Stanton
Seeing a 9-going-on-10 rock in Football and Basketball
TED sessions on angiogenesis and diet
What I loved, but only a little less, in 2012?

Stored Procedures
Sanjeevayya National Park
Rod Stewart
Coke Studio
What did I discover in 2012?

Google Drive
What did I change in 2012?

Cofee with M/S to Green Tea NS.
Salads for lunch 50% of the time
Stopped drinking processed fruit extracts!
Relearned to cook Daal in a pressure cooker
What did I research in 2012?

OpenGL ES 2.0, GLSL
Multi-tenanted Custom-objects
Multi-tenanted Tags
Multi-tenanted Client Side Widgets
Views Framework in Android
What I learned in 2012?

In the age of innovation discipline is highly Underrated!!
Books Read and liked in 2012

Merchant Of Venice
Think Fast, Think Slow
Fahrenheit 451