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On Clarity and its intimate relationship to Work and Happyness

Not doing work!
Leads to Sadness.

You don't do work 
Because you don't see it!

You don't see it,
Because you lack Clarity!

See things clearly,
and you will do the work.
You will be happy,
because Work is Beauty in disguise

Routine, when done right, is effortless
Because it is clear: begining, middle, and the end

Clarity is that 
which has beginig, middle, and the end

You need a notebook,
You need a Pencil

Ponder the End
Write down the End
Thus you define the End

You then write your Begining
The first step
And each step thereafter

You do this,
Because there is nothing more 
Important or Urgent

Because it is worth it

Beware those that affect clarity
Clutter clouds Clarity, of the mind especially.

Perhaps intelligence, education, success
At their root lies clarity
Perhaps it is a skill that can be honed
Or taught and practiced!