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4994 Children, Pets, Spouses and other annoying things

A brief history of last evening

  1. Left work at 4pm
  2. Go to publix to buy a few things I forgot for dinner to make
  3. Get home Unload the few groceries
  4. Take the fluffy maltese on her beauty walk
  5. Server the same fluffy maltese its treat
  6. Feed that dog its water and food
  7. Put away the groceries
  8. Put away spoons, forks, knives, knick-knacks, and other free floating dishes
  9. Unpack clean dishes from dishwasher
  10. Pack the dishwasher with dirty dishes accumulated all day by the free range kids
  11. Clean the heavy dishes and plastic ware that won't go into dishwasher
  12. Clean kitchen surfaces
  13. Cook dinner
  14. Worry why my son is not doing his homework
  15. Worry why my daughter is not doing his homework
  16. Fold my daughters clothes
  17. Move clothes from washer to dryer
  18. Place more clothes in the washer
  19. Feed kids their dinner
  20. Put away the mess that ensues after dinner

I am lucky I didn't have to do these last evening

Take my son to 2 hours of basketball practice or games in addition to all of the above.

So how long did that take?

Merely from 4pm to 9pm: 5 hours

Had this been a basketball season that would be 7 hours

if I had included their home work that would have been 8 to 10 hours a night.

Good thing

At this point my consolation is that I don't have a spouse that I need to cook for. No less a good thing I vouch!!

What I am accused of not doing

  1. Vacuum the house
  2. Spot clean the counters
  3. Lick the floor clean
  4. Get rid of the cooking smell
  5. In general make the house a paradise

Modest things I would have wanted to do instead on a regular basis

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Go for a swim
  3. Go to the Gym
  4. Help my son spend a few hours on books
  5. Help my daugther spend a few hours on books