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NPRs Prairee home companion


There are three radio shows that I regard very highly. Two of them from the US and one from the BBC. Here the three not in any particular order.

The three shows

  • My word from BBC. I am not sure if this show is still in broad cast. I used to listen to this about 10 years ago. Eclectic, tasteful, very intelligent.
  • Prairee home companion from NPR on saturdays and gets rebroadcasted on sundays as well. This is one of a kind show. Very intelligent again and at the same time profoundly funny. The opposite of slap-stick. A show for the mind.
  • The car talk from NPR. Beautifully done. Quirky and quitessentially portrays America at its best. A sense of joy. A sense of confidence. A sense of day to day life all across the United States of America. Just to make sure the reader is not side tracked this show is a call in show where people enquire about cars and car problems.