In his satire "1984", Orwell told us a way to write "very good" as "good plus" and "superlatively good" as "good plus plus". What good are synonyms to modern times anyway! Just kidding.

In a language an "object" may be known under different names that we call synonyms. An object may have earned these multiple names due to a context or any number of other reasons.

Synonyms when stood by themselves are more like a set of colors in a crayon box. Their true powers come along when they keep company in a fellowship where any other name would be inappropriate. It is as if the sound of a company of synonyms forming a sentence should not contain a discordant note.

Consider the following telugu "company"

"Rayamuna Theru maralpu"

It is a begging in earnest by Prince Uttara to Arjuna to "turn the chariot around" in a battle facing the esteemed Kaurava commanders. To translate the nouns in English it would be

"Quickly Chariot Turn"

With in Telugu, none of the three nouns used are common for what they represent. But using the more common nouns for those objects will make the sentence either too pretentious or too streetworthy.

Consider another "fellowship", in Telugu again

"Kuru Kshithi Pathi" ("The king of the Kaurava lands")

This is how Arjuna introduces the "Kaurava King" to Prince Uttara. Again it is quite hard to get it sounding any better using any other words.

Like chameleons, words keep their harmonic company in their synonmized forms. A well formed sentence is like a painting where the right hue is chosen for a pleasing panorama.


Synonyms for Fellowship