I use the windows "subst" quite often. This allows me to mount a path as a drive letter. This allows me to work on multiple machines that have different drive letters where my directories are maintained. For example I can do

subst d: c:\satya\d

That will mount c:\satya\d as a drive letter "d"


When I insert a USB drive, the "subst"ituted drive letter is hijacked and assigned to the "usb" drive. But when you go to that drive it actually points to the mounted directory. Anyway as far as XP is concerned this is a major confusion.

One Solution

1. Unsubstitute all your drive letters.

2. Place your usb drive

3. Go to diskmanagement (computer, right click, manage)

4. High light usb volume

5. Change disk letter

6. Assign a letter that is not one of your substituted drives. I use "b"

7. Now the computer remembers this drive letter for usb drives and will use the same

Useful subst commands

1. Show me all my subst drive letters


2. mount a path

subst e: c:\satya\e

3. Delete a substituted drive letter

subst e: /d