Kadava nidukoni
Kalahamsa Nadatho
Viduvani bidiyana, vemaaru vedaki
Adugulu thadabada, Nadumallaada
Vadi vadiga nadicheti vanithaala raama

Priyathama Raadhika
Raave, Rayamuna Kailyave Premaabhisaarika

Rough, mostly adlibbed, translation

Gait and Stature Par with a Royal Swan, 
Cautious, tentative, as a mist of shyness hangs around,
Feet uncertain, 
Waist burdened, and aquiver,
"Maiden, in what haste are you?"

Endeared of Krishna,
Your arrival is much anticipated, nevertheless.

Abhi Saarika

I couldn't figure out what the meaning of Abhisaarika is. I have looked a dictionary. It suggests "Abhi" as something that is equivalent to a "juxtaposition". I couldn't figure out "Saarika" either. I roughly know what it means. I am keen on the exact sense and proportion of this word.