A life well spent
A rest well earned
Under A blanket of stars with brightly abandon
An old man laid there in reflection

Carved entirely of Nature
Crafted of hand
From trees local the legs and seams made
Of hibiscus rope the bed was woven
By hand when he was only a few years younger

Under the robes flimsy, light
but eminently appropriate
His skin still bears the marks of weaving

A 5 foot companion thin and slick
lay beside him lifeless 
yet a friend of his in circumstances all
A crutch for his mind and body

A prayer or two he uttered
Hey Ram, in honesty he said
The rhythmic zingle of the beasts chimed in agreement

All cares attended
All creatures tenderly cared for
It is his turn
It is his time

to look at the stars in silence
in open
in the gentle swaying of the trees 
in the west bound wind
in Happyness perfect

Every whim of the nature a lullaby
The man is resting
Come and see the nature of that you seek