English Spanish Telugu/Sanskrit Celestial
Sunday Domingo Adi.Vaarum Sun
Monday Lunes Soma.Vaarum Moon
Tuesday Martes Mangala.Vaarum Mars
Wednesday miercoles Budha.Vaarum Mercury
Thursday jueves Guru.Vaarum Jupiter
Friday Viernes Shukra.Vaarum Venus
Saturday Sabado Seni.Vaarum Saturn

The word "adi" doesn't seem to indicate Sun until you see that "Adi.tya" is Sun God.

Rarely Moon in Telugu or Sanskrit is called "Soma" which refers to "Ambrosia" or Drink of the Gods. It was called so because the moon is considered the container for Soma from which the Gods drank from making it wane and wax (one interpretaion perhaps).

Moon is usually refered as "Chandra" the "bright and brilliant". Interestingly the characteristics of a Sun. So in a weird way you can call "Ravi" the Sun as "chandra" the Moon.

Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn in that order

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