There was a lad,
that wanted to do super well in life!

So he went to school,
where he was told, 
first and second, when squared, is the same
as the first squared,
the second squared,
and twice both,
all put together!

He was sad and suspicious,
led him to be loud,
"How'z that gonna help me?"

A man from Mars came to talk to the lad
"You see, we use that kind of stuff to build Rockets"
A Nobel Woman came to convince him,
"You see, we use that kind of stuff to advance ourselves"

The lad was a skeptic,
"No snake oil has ever cured an ailment!"
He turned to the kid that seemed
to play a lot.
Especially with things that get squared for no good Reason.

He asked him
"Do you want to be a famous Rocket Man?"
"Do you want to be Laureate"
"Do you want to be famous"

"NO!!" the Kid said.
"I ain't know any of those,
I just like when things get squared!!!"