We sit,
And Leave!
That is life.

As far as anyone knows
That is the truth.

Every action i take
Seek to portend permanence!

I so want to be a 
And not an Ant.

Not a riposte nor a rejoin, perhaps a poignant slant from a sharp mind, who for now stay unnamed

We Wonder,
And Leave!
That is Life.

Many argue there is more to life
But its deafening to hear the silent reply.

Every action I take
Seek to portend permanence!

I so want to be a 
Rock under a stream 
And not a Mountain.

Not from a light weight, a modern Engineering Savant, opines - who also for now stay unnamed

We wonder
About the beginning,  about the end
About the origin and the destination 
We seek to find meaning to our existence 
On what we leave behind or where we aspire to end 

Yet,  most time is spent in the journey itself
Not at the beginning,  not the end
Maybe,  it's this journey of life we should cherish
And make every minute count

Take the road less travelled 
Climb a mountain,  swim in a spring
Whatever it is that makes you happy
And lets you bring happiness to others 

For the beginning and the end we don't control
But the journey,  it's all in our grasp
Make it count

Before the end becomes the beginning