Printer woes 2020

Long ago trying to setup Google print and other local printers

1. HP

2. Brother HL-3270CDW

1. Always had trouble with HP printers!!!

2. This year I thought they may have fixed it!!

3. No

4. Specifically certain PDFs when printed it looses wifi connectivity

5. I have to reregister with wifi each time

1. previously I had a black and white laser

2. worked fairly well, (that is flawless for a printer).

1. Looks like everything is crippled in covid times

2. this is all i could get in school emergency

3. worked well....

4. However it is a "TONER" hog

5. it has 4 toners. Each one the low end is about 80 dollars

6. So that is $320 for every month or two!!!

Brother color laser 3270CDW Toners, often and expensive $320 for 4!!

1. it was well made physically

2. But rarely worked!!!

3. Don't know if that is fixed

Samsung dish washers, I had awful experience as well!!

Their phones seem ok!!! set aside the expensive part.

1. New computer won't find it on the wifi network

2. went through setup wizard

3. No luck

4. downloaded their driver (installation is awful!!. I dont even know if it installed anything)

Here is HL-3270 CDW support page

Their full driver install is 200MB!!!

I downloaded it

1. I have tried reregistering with wifi

2. printing a network page

3. installing a new driver

4. Finally gave up and downloaded the 200M chunky one

5. I said let me restart the printer to see if that works!!!

6. Now add printer on windows 10 recognizes it