My Perfect Sandwich, so far

1. It is not heavy

2. it is not greasy

3. It is not rich

4. It leaves you in a good place

5. It is healthy

1. Mini bagel, lightly toasted

2. One slice of pepper jack, as it also gives a platform

3. A bed of baby spinach

4. A circle of (sweetest) tomato

5. A circle of sweet onion

6. Small sliced piece, one or two, of Habanero pepper

7. Any size slice of Smoked Salmon

8. A side of long finger sliced dry carrots

9. A cup of hot steaming coffee

10. View of great wilderness to look at

1. Baby spinach seem to go really well with sweet tomatoes!

2. This doesn't taste as good with bread, white, wheat, or multigrain for some reason. it had to be a bagel

3. The usual Butter or Cream cheese, I suspect will ruin it!

4. Onion is doing good here

5. The Habanero is essential to support the coffee

6. Side crunchy carrots seem to go well with Pepper Jack

7. Coffee I suspect is a good spoiler to along