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Notes on installing Android

A journal/notes on installing android versions over time, again, and again. Look through towards down for more and more refinement and information.

Key Install Links from developer.android.com

Main Android Installation Start Page Start with this page to install the android SDK. This starter package also includes eclipse as well. You may have to install the JDK prior to this. Latest JDK is always helpful if you don't have one already. JDK 5 or above should be fine. If you already have eclipse, read instruction on android site or hear on how to install piece by piece. Installing Android and setting it up is a pain. You probably need a machine with 8G of RAM and probably a fast hard drive.

This talks about an android SDKs dependencies such as what version of ADT, SDK tools etc.

What is the latest ADT version available and its dependencies.

What is the latest SDK tools version available and its dependencies.

This link documents the components of an android SDK