#GreatePlaces VS Krishna Memorial Library Visakhapatnam!

#GreatWriters James Gosling First Edition of Java Programming Language

#GreatWriters Kernighan and Ritchie on C programming language

#GreatWriters Kresig On Engineering Mathematics

#GreatWriters Narayan Rao on Electro Magnetism

#GreatWriters Resnick and Halliday on Physics

#GreatWriters Stroustroup on C Prorgramming Language (ARM)

#GreatWriters: Van Valkenburg on Electric Circuits

Atul Gawande: Checklist Manifesto

9) Being Mortal


Being Mortal

10) book receipt


book receipt

Observing this phenomenon, one cannot but wonder how an environment can make people despair and sit idle and then, by changing the conditions, one can transform the same people into matchless performers

book: Extinction by Douglas H. Erwin

How small a thing is art, A little pain;
disappointment, and any man feels a depth - a boundlessness of emotion,
inarticulate thoughts no poet has ever succeeded in imag[in]g.
Death does not conquer me, I conquer death
I am the master

book: Lafcadio Hearn: American Writings

Perhaps, it will tell how love can bend what discipline could not overpower

Book: Pugin and the Building of Romantic Britain

book: Riding Freedom is an engaging read

book: Seven Pleasures by Willard Spiegelman

Book: Terrestrial Energy by William Tucker

Before the gods that made the gods
Had seen their sunrise pass,
The White Horse of the White Horse Vale
Was cut out of the grass.

Before the gods that made the gods
Had drunk at dawn their fill,
The White Horse of the White Horse Vale
Was hoary on the hill.

Age beyond age on British land,
Aeons on aeons gone,
Was peace and war in western hills,
And the White Horse looked on.

For the White Horse knew England
When there was none to know;
He saw the first oar break or bend,
He saw heaven fall and the world end,
O God, how long ago.

For the end of the world was long ago,
And all we dwell to-day
As children of some second birth,
Like a strange people left on earth
After a judgment day.

Read it online

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book: the education of american dreamer

book: Why evolution is true

Amazon link

23) Books by Art Linkletter


Books by Art Linkletter

24) Changing Minds


Changing Minds

Very hard to find a book that satisfies a boy like Narayan. He is mostly justified. Most books are boring, poorly written, little imagination, barely skilled.

It is a challenge to find a book that interests him. what a surprise we both found in Cressida Cowell. These books will keep us well for a year.

26) Cool Math


Cool Math

27) How Brains think


How Brains think

28) How the web was won


How the web was won

I need to read Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot

In Code: A Mathematical Journey by Sarah Flannery

31) In the company of Giants


In the company of Giants

32) Lab Girl


Lab Girl

Lean Analytics by Alistair Croll

34) Lensey Namioka


I have been meaning to read this book when I get a few minutes. Narayan brought home this book. I have read a couple of lines. it is funny and well written.

Click on the link above to see who Lensey is and what other books she wrote.

Linda Minatoya: Strangeness of Beauty

36) More IQ Testing


More IQ Testing

Ralph Masiello: Dragon Drawing Book

38) Religio Medici


Religio Medici

Tell me a good book in Java

The Emperor of All Melodies

41) The Last Lecture


The Last Lecture

42) The mandatory Steve Jobs


The mandatory Steve Jobs

43) Thinking, Fast and Slow


Thinking, Fast and Slow

Quite an extraordinary book. I hear published in 1927. I am so soaked in delight with every page. It is so dense with delight. Hope to post some conversations here.

Tobias Wolff: This Boy's life

46) When Breath Becomes Air


When Breath Becomes Air