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hum: Pacifier is a good film

It is unexpectedly intelligent and truly funny. Everyone did well. I think the real credit goes to the Director and the script writer. Smart.

Nevertheless there is nothing cool or cool looking atleast venturing to take a 6 year old and 2 year old to a movie irrespective of the funny quotient of the movie, on a friday cold winter night (atleast for the border line Floridians).

My wife is a planner and she is all for details. She very carefully planned this thing so that me and the kids (not her by the way) will arrive at the cinemas at 5:00 and go to the 5:15 show.

Well what she plans the 6 year old can easily foil. Having arrived on time, despite my two year old trying to split the gum in his mouth with a toy gun that he has in his hand and my 6 year old trying to prevent him from the madness.

Now my 6 year old anounces she doesn't want to watch the pacifier (which as planned is the 5:15 show) but want to watch some "winn--dixie" stuff movie. Usually time and place doesn't show up on a 6 year olds agenda. It is a ok to wait for two more hours. After great detail I manage to get her to agree only with a whine and not a cry to watch it.

Meanwhile she tells her pants are wet. On investigation it turns out the sippy cup leaked a full cup of water into the flowery baby bag that she had offered to carry for me to save me the embarassment of a 40 year old turtlenecked guy walking around a movie hall with it.

Earlier in my attempt to part the splintered dum (that's what the two year old calls gum) from its owner the owner simply threw the sippy cup to the floor at which time the flow controller dislodged itself, and me the clueless, very carefully put the cup from the floor into his handbag. So now evertying in the baby bag, the pampers and all else are virtually useless.

Now can you believe a bit of popcorn and a drink and such sold as a package for a kid goes for 8 dollars. Worse, imagine walking with all that stuff at one time into now an already started movie finding my way to a seat in pitch black (Can't help it. It was one of Van Diesels movies as well. call it an assoiciated memory slip).

Well I survived in good humor to tell the story.