24-Aug-06 (Created: 24-Aug-06) | More in 'Humanities 2007'

Speed Bumps...

Before today I would have never imagined that Speed Bumps could be topics of conversation.

"Is there a problem" my 3 year old wanted to know

"What problem! Oh, are you talking about the thud?"


"Oh, that's a bump on the road"

"Why is it on the road?"

"It is called a speed bump. It is there so that you can not go too fast"

"Can I see it?"

"Yes, see that thing with yellow stripes"

"Yes, I see. How come they are not every where?"

"Well they put them once in a while"

"How do they stay there?"

"Well they take some dirt and make a hill and then cover it up with cement (I was praying he won't ask me what cement was!!)"

By now we were heading out of the school zone.

"why is the policeman there?"

"He is there to direct the traffic. He will tell cars to stop and go"

"Why is he not directing us?"

"Narayan, one more question and my head will explode with making up answers to your questions"

"Dad, you are a meanie and poopi head!!!"