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How to cook canned Royal Red Salmon


Canola Oil
2 large white onions finely chopped
1 large tomato finely chopped
1 can of Royal Red Salmon
A touch of black pepper
A table spoon of soy sauce
A tea spoon of parsley paste or fresh parsley

Prepare canned salmon

Make sure it is Royal Red salmon variety. The pink salmon doesnt taste as good as it has less oil and drier. Apparently "chinook" salmon is the best. A can of good Red Salmon costs $5.00

Open the can and drain excess water.

Keep the skin

Royal Red Salmon has very few skeletel parts. Just squish the fish in a bowl.

set it aside.


Caramalize onions well to a reddish brown color in oil on medium high

Add finely sliced tomatoes to it and continue to cook them for about 10 minutes on medium medium high.

At this time onions, tomatoes and the oil forms a nice mixture

Add broken up salmon and mix it well.

Cook on medium for 5 minutes.

Add a table spoon of soy sauce.

Add a tea spoon of parsley paste or fresh parsley

Cook on low/medium for about 10 minutes.


Best served on a bed of fluffy basmati rice.

Additional suggestions

You can add cayenne pepper if you want to spice it up.

You can add a touch of turmeric.

If you know how to cook with Indian spices, you can use your favorite method of caramalizing onions such as adding Jira, curry leaves, mustard seeds, chenna dal, and long dried peppers.


Understand canned salmon varieties