1) ACL



It is a thrombolytic agent or blood clot dissolver that is intended to directly degrade fibrin when delivered through a catheter at the site of a blood clot.

Another question is will it help in blood clots formed due to Pulmonary embolism?

Are there symptoms to drinking not enough water?

Describes various group life plans at BCBSFL.

6) Breakfast Diaries


Breakfast Diaries

Copay, Coinsurance, Deductible

Antiphospholipid syndrome

General Health Related Articles/Links

The Bottom Line: Chondroitin appears to be useless. Whether glucosamine is useful is conflicting, but the best-designed studies are negative. This usually means that negative evidence will eventually prevail. Decisions to use glucosamine must be based on information that is less complete than is desirable. In addition, product quality control may be a significant problem

13) Good fats and bad fats


Good fats and bad fats

17) Health links


Health links

It is often suggested that one uses meditation to address anxious thoughts. I have failed utterly every time I sit to watch my breath. The pinnacle I have reached is count to 10!!! The usual result is an attack of the Super Sleepiness!

So this is still a problem for me. However there is one activity that seem to help. I really need someone to discover an "advil" for anxiety. I don't know if one exists, at least legally anyways.

Here is a quick list that seem to help me a bit.

Getting up early on weekends in the morning to a quiet home
A cup of coffee
Reading a National newspaper that rises above the local din
A very long walk (about 2 hours)
A good movie
Old familiar music with character and complexity
Working with my kids on Math, or Science, or Language

Most of these lowers my anxiety, the first part, but don't address the anxiety. Except for the very long walk.

Here is how it works. (Mind you it has to be a long walk.) In the first 40 minutes there are so many buzzing thoughts hitting each other as you walk. You can try to initiate a thought that is a good constructive thought. The mind will be going back and forth and slowly comes around to the good thought. In that sense I call walking the converter of bad thoughts to good thoughts.

At about an hour into the walking you enter a slightly better physiological state where the body is relaxed and walking becomes natural and you start breathing from the stomach and not lungs.

By this hour you tend to latch on to the productive thoughts and they become crystalized. You form these conclusive opinions on the actions that you need to do. Or you start seeing these crystalized truths after discarding all the negative emotions.

yes it does happen. A good 70% of the time. It may be different for you. But the walk has to be long. And may be alone! I have never done to this level when walking together with others. Quietness and Movement seem to be essential to do this.

It could be stress. Divert the child towards stress relievers. tv, games, play. use the bathroom.

Eat carb filled food if hungry. No spicy foods or acid sodas.

Don't drink shakes if you are milk intolerant

Drink liquids

you may have gas

Take peptobismal, tums, or alka-selzer

ginger tea or ginger ale

20) How to treat chalazion


It has been difficult to treat this thing so far ...

Kids and heat exhaustion

23) Loosing weight


Loosing weight

Description to be entered

25) Much about Brain


This is a collection of various articles related to Brain. I have no idea if they are true or otherwise. Merely collecting information, so use it as you see fit. In general if something smells fishy it probably is, except rarely. So use your judgement with all miracles!

I woke up a couple of days ago, and in the shower I have noticed tingling in the finger tips of my left hand. And then the tingling and the numbness has been persisting for a few days now.

I still have numbness in my pinky and the ring finger.

I also have noticed during this onset some tingling in my right hand as well. But the right hand tingling didn't last too long.

It subsided during the rest of the day

Then it was around 6 in the evening. I have had my dinner and was getting back to my room to pack my stuff. It came on pretty strong. In both hands and probably on the left hand side of the whole body.

I went downstairs, got a cab and went to ER. The doctor chcked me out and ruled out any stroke. He suspects something in my elbow.

If it is in my elbow I am not sure why my left body and my right hand, even though momentarily.

27) On Alzheimers


On Alzheimers

For years now my cholesterol has been hanging like a thread around bad boundary area. eat well, exercise, I was told. I did both. Not really moving any needles. Same thing this year when measured. So I looked up a little and here is a plan, should it work at all. Meaning to follow it up for sometime and see what happens. Here is a list of foods, drinks, and innocuous off the counter meds that I am planning to integrate into a regime for the next few months. I am yet to be convinced any home remedies work at all. Being an inveterate optimist I am hoping I am wrong

29) On Inflamation


On Inflamation

30) On Running


Even a 5 minute run
Need to be regular and consistent
As much as 30% lower death risk
3 more years of life
40% lower risk of heart related
More running doesn't add up to more...
it is a large 15 year study

31) On Running...


On Running...

32) On Stress


On Stress

33) On Vitamins


On Vitamins

34) Opthomology: K.V. Chalam


Eye Specialist at UNF

Progression of another malaise

37) Research your own health


Links to private companies that does health based research on your behalf.

38) runout


Typically people are covered for insurance for a year at a time. This period of coverage can be said to be the coverage window. Expenses or claims incurred during this period are payable even outside of the coverage window. Such a situation where the payments are made outside of the coverage window is called "run out".

This idea of "runout" has implications. The leading implication is that even though the coverage of certain individuals has terminated, the insurance company (sometimes called the "carrier") needs to plan for the amounts that needs to be set aside for the claims during the runout period.

As I said "runout" and "runout period" are concepts. Whether as specific well defined period is defined or not, I am not sure. For example if I say that the "runout' is 3 months, does the Insurance Company not obligated for any claims outside of this window? I don't believe so. But the 3 month window might be useful estimation purposes. If at all there is such an absolute time window after which no claims will be paid needs to be investigated.

The second implication is, as I have brought up, during the estimation phase for calculating renewal amounts for the insureds. In this case to evaluate how much a member had spent, typically a 1 year worth of claims are taken into account. In addition a 3 months are used to take into account any fulfilled obligations but not paid in the 12 month period.

Dr Goyal, Pontevedra beach
uvb and uva treatment
xtrac laser

Dealing with stomach flu and children

42) Swollen upper eyelid


Could rubbing an eye cause this ...

43) Tea Diaries


Tea Diaries

44) The role of regret


From Scientificamerican

New research suggests that when we are older these kinds of ?if only!? thoughts about the choices we made may not be so good for our mental health. One of the most important determinants of our emotional well being in our golden years might be whether we learn to stop worrying about what might have been.

45) Trend Factor


The ability to forecast trends in medical technology. Are they medical rates going up or down. Are the hospitals costing more or less.

This information is used in quoting new rates and also calculating renewal rates.

The forecasted trends may be weighed against actual claims to narrow the miscalculation of trends over time.

46) Understanding PBMs


Understanding PBMs

Vitamin D and Auto Immunity

Watery/Dry Eyes and Restasis Trials

What is the correct daily aspirin dosage?

Absolute minimum seem to be 75mg a day. The general recommendation seem to be two of those tablets per day taking the daily amount to 160 mgs a day.

Another thought is to take the 320 mg version every other day.

Some extra strength tablets seem to come in 500mg versions. You may want to avoid those for daily dosages.

The following may be a good candidate for daily usage

Bayer Regimen Tablets, Adult Low Strength Aspirin Pain Reliever, 81 mg

The 80 mg version is also often called Baby Aspirin

Whats the difference between Green tea and Regular tea?