9-Nov-04 (Created: 9-Nov-04) | More in 'Computer Hardware'

What anti-virus software should I use

A list of the companies

McAfee -
F-secure -
Panda -
BitDefender -
Symantec Nav 2005
CAI eTrust
Reliable Anti Virus (RAV)

A more professional look at these products

Anti virus product list from Wilders.org.. It is sad that there is no favorite mentioned or price listed.

What I am looking for

  1. Something that doesn't bug me every year that I have to resubscribe
  2. I can live with 3 years (the life of the computer)
  3. Something I can run 1 to 5 computers without an additional ton of dollars
  4. Combined with all of the security features firewall, anti-virus, spyware

AVG comes recommended

David recommends AVG which is free. I am going to try this.

Ad-aware from Lavasoft to protect against spyware

I have just downloaded and installed it on the laptop from download.com. I will keep you posted how that goes.