17-Feb-07 (Created: 17-Feb-07) | More in 'Shells: My Writes'

A huddle of Southern Pines

Baby blue jay in trumpet flower

by Donna Mapp, Heidelberg; Southern Pine EPA

Grasshopper with raised leg

by Clair Auker, Tylertown; Magnolia EPA

Freedom Unchained,
Nature, is spectacular in its randomness
Randomness Perhaps a name aside for nature
Randomness Perhaps at the core of Of Intelligence

The road from a concrete Mall
Previously cleared of a southern pine growth
on perhaps private lands
headed in to a tee
left or right but not through

Overlooking a view of a partial lake
through a small left over growth of 
huddled pines similarly southern in appearance
the clearing for the view produced by 
left over by vehicle tracks

In a surrounding of impending construction
They stood
having taken a number of years to reach
this perspective of a great view
Perhaps of no particular utility to us
We will loose them
and the seller will sell the land
I wondered what is of more value
something that took this long to grow
or something we will build 
and rebuild every few decades

Across the portrait of the landscape
In front of to be precise
stood a traffic bar 
5 or 6 car lengths in span
hoisted by an equally tall black beam of steal

A sign on the post read 
as I took left barely willing to loose my vision
For sale, contact the 10 digit number

Soon low and high
Buildings will rise
A tree separated from its cousin
will stand alone

The lake will be stripped of its mystery
The nakedness of rippling water aginst the concrete
A view oddly unnatural
The lake and the buildings both man made.

by Ctein.com