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He is 5. He is loud. He is lazy. He needs a fulltime servant. Having exhausted every minute of the waking day, the other night, he was walking down stairs with me to go to bed. He negotiated the 20 or so stairs and he noticed Jasmine the small pup we have sleeping on the floor while her bed was unoccupied.

"Ohhh! Jasmine, you should sleep in your bed!!" he picked her up in an embrace close to his small body, put her in her bed, and then covered her with a blanket.

He then says "Dad, I want to stay 5 forever!"


"Because, if I grow up I won't like puppies any more. I won't like Power Rangers any more. I won't like Ben 10 any more. So I don't want to be a grown up. I want to stay 5."

"Sure, Narayan, I won't have it any other way. Lets do that then."

"Ok, Dad, Cancel all my birthdays. Ok!! I am going to be 5 forever."