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How to fix the error with Chrome installation

Recently I had to resuscitate a totaly dead Toshiba Protege laptop. It only took me weeks and weeks to do that. See later in this page for links to that subject as it is a topic by itself.

In short I had to order repair media from toshiba website. I was able to bring it back to life. Then I have installed bitdefender for antivirus.

As i try to log into bitdefender chrome will not display the flash site. Chrome is supposed to update itself with the latest flash. but when i check the chrome version number (Go to: chrome menu/about google chrome) I see an error indicating it is not able to connect to the server.

I have tried reinstalling it. No luck. not able to connect to server.

i have searched far and wide and no solid input. I am documenting here what you need to do.

the short answer is uninstall all google software using the control panel and wait for an hour. This will uninstall the google update.exe then you need to reinstall chrome.

the google update.exe is used by all google software on your desktop. So it might have been installed by any number of routes.

There is no direct uninstall of this software.

I will document here some more related information in the rest of the document.