19-Apr-13 (Created: 19-Apr-13) | More in 'Shells: My Writes'

A Simple Choice

A fork in the road,
I have found myself at.

The first path straight in all its turns,
The other perhaps curvy all the way.

Neither I know well enough for bias.
I could take any as they both get me there.

I agonize, instead.
"is this right or that?
Would I regret?
Would one be too long?
Or the other hard?"

I asked a Sage, the Siri, the Oracle, 
And even an 8 ball!
"How should I lead?"

They all replied the same!!!

"Take any as it matters little which!
Matters most is you commit to what you choose.

Yet be there a lingering doubt,
Take the one that perhaps be harder,
as in equal proportion it would be rewarding!"