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On Trust!

In life we take lot of things for granted. Some of them are obvious like breathing, walking, eating etc. These are obvious. Not so obviously we also take for granted our capacity for empathy, trust, love, listening and care.

Teams depend on trust to survive and succeed. How does one develop trust?

By Caring

I must care for the work I do. I must care for those that work with me personally. I take pride when I am even a small reason for your well being and success.

By putting oneself in the others shoes

I want to see from your point of view. I want to encourage your point of view. I want to encourage you to own your ideas and help them be better. I want to sit through, think through and explore your ideas. I want to learn your perspective. I think this is a good thing. I believe I do not loose myself to be you.

By letting Ego go

I want to acquire a broader outlook. I want to circulate a broader outlook. My glory and my past I shall not bear on my present. I am a commoner in a common set of ideas. I am not privileged. Nor am I disadvantaged. I want to start my sentences with yes. World is far and wide. I want to be the skeptic that can perfectly walk.

By listening intently and intentionally

Silence is the greatest communicator. I want to observe. I want to assess. Like a reed I want to bend to the stormy talk. With my eyes wide open I want to listen.

By putting others needs first

I want to understand the needs of others. I will put them first.

By taking pleasure in others success

I derive an incredible joy in seeing others succeed.

By realizing all profit is 'Service', especially to others.

To be profitable is to be in business. To be in business is to serve. When I serve I have no fear that I am not trusted.

My Parting Thought on Trust

Call me crazy. I think these attributes are teachable.Through culture. Through communal expectations. Through personal fulfillment. Through training.