9-Jan-18 (Created: 9-Jan-18) | More in 'Shells: My Writes'

A King's Lament

Translated from Telugu...

Where is my Beloved? Where is my Son? Where has dissipated my endless Kingdom? You see...

Neither your offspring, nor your beloved,
Nor those that held u in dearest regard since birth,
Those that shared the same womb as you,
Neither your kin
Not even your friends - mind you -
Will follow you - in the End -
If credit at all that follows pray be it your good name.
Such is truth.

Anchored, all your affluence, will not, either, string your way - in any manner -
To you or another in what bearing - stipulated the stars the inescapable profit,
No prayer will amend!

In your potence, pride - without purpose -
For Indigent shall be the Monarch,
And Monarch an indigent
As Time frames all Fortunes.