Young Lincoln - netflix (A glimpse at leadership)

Master of None - Netflix (Gorgeous!)

To Kill a Mocking Bird (I would have liked more words)

Teachers Pet - netflix (Lovely black and white)

Imitation Game - netflix (Intention and Effort an invitation to beauty)

West Wing on Netflix - Beautiful Pace

La La Land - Let life be a song

Netflix: Sandy Wexler is pretty good

Netflix: Trouble with Curved ball is excellent

9) A set of OK films


A set of OK films

Master Worrywort: On account of you being presumed dead and all.

Bilbo Baggins: I am not dead, presumed or otherwise.

Good Film: Blended Family

Good Film: Prince of Prussia

A List of Terrible Films

Good Film: Million Dollar Arm

Burlesque is a gorgeous film

You may have to watch #oblivion three times to realize it is still disappointing

Midnight in Paris is not a bad flick!

iron man x, fast and furious z: mostly a technological romp, at best!!

Hobbit has impressive visuals. I like it!

Aliens and Cowboys is surprisingly underrated. Mr Ford is great in the film!

The statement requires a bit of clarification. It is not one of those films everyone will jump at to instantaneously recommend.

Now that I have for sure grown older, I do have a lot of freedom to like what I like.

I did grow out of artsy films that I seemed to have been proud-of-liking for no good reason other than it was cool to like them. So I do like popular films quite a bit.

However for the 90 minutes stretch I feel profited if at least 2 minutes of it has some redeeming qualities. That is all I am looking for. And it does help if the director doesn't assume that the audience is usually pretty inane.

2 minutes out a 90 minute charade is not a lot to ask. That is roughly 2%.

And this movie does deliver that 2% bench mark. :). There is one line that says

"When a teenager says no to drugs and says yes to education, that is a Miracle"

And then after a chaotic run around, a mop and a large mop-needed-surface, to untie the mind does acquire a bit of redemption for me.

22) The Book of Eli


The Book of Eli

23) Sea Biscuit


Sea Biscuit

Ip Man: A great motion picture

August Rush is a nice movie

A moving artistic accomplishment. Everyone should watch this film at least once

27) Rain Coat


Once in a while you get surprised. Especially lately such a thing has become rare with films. I see films and I forget them the very next instance.

My two year old, around 11:30 last night (Friday), ofcourse out of pure sprite, decided to watch an "indee moviee" (Hindi Movie). He picks one at random from what we had brought back from India recently but never had the time to open it. Insists that he open it with his teeth, which he proceeds to do with out an event. Subsequently, while he wakes up his Sister and plays with her in the middle of the night, I settle down to watch what he put on. You may have doubts whether a two year old knows how to put a DVD on. Trust me, these days, they know.

The story is apparently inspired by O'Henry's Maggie. Well I didn't know that until I saw the credits (Well it is only when your children are asleep you tend to feel the reality with out interruption). I also apologize as I most certainly would have ruined your surprise, as you wouldn't have known until the last minute these stories are related.

Rain Coat is a sadly beautiful film. It is the antithesis of Maggie. I would imagine the setting of Maggie to take place in Heaven, and of Rain Coat in hell. Nevertheless it is beautiful. It is poetic. It reminds me of Tagore, and it reminds me of Paru, and it reminds me the best of Bengal.

The art of making Cinema is wonderfully alive throughout the film. The heart rendering rainy background song, the lonely rainy midnight streets of Calcutta with a shrouded Riksha. The vividly contrasting very Indian colorful clothes of the characters are quite a treat.

Eishawarya Rai is beautiful, and brilliant as the counterpart of Maggie's female character. Like the Audrey of Pygmalion, I can't think of a "mard" (Male in Hindi) that wouldn't want to rescue her with great expediency.

Nevertheless the film has a touch of darker side to it. So called realism. This has been very typical of Indian art films where they accentuate (unnecessarily in my mind) the hardships of human condition and soul. Although done to a lesser extent it is there in the film.

If the film is inspired by Maggie, the story teller of the film had done a brilliant job extending the film to a film length and yet keeping you on your seat throughout the length. This is an intelligent man's or woman's soap opera.

The film also has a reminder for the hope of searching for love in the midst of ruins, despair, and total impending darkness.

If you have a chance see the film, don't miss it. It springs hope for the art of films, especially the Indian films.

Tom Hanks is just great. Spielburg's cinematic craft just shows. Tom Hanks is just so real in the character.

It is a wonderful film to watch, especially with children. There might be a bit of dramatized stereotyping of cultures for grownups, otherwise I enjoyed watching it.

30) Richard Corliss


Essayist and Movie Critic of both Western and recently Indian Films