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In the book of wise ....

"Why should I yield?"
An educated daughter asked her father
In Grade 3 this daughter has arrived
When in disapproval this question was raised

The father told her a story

To the best of schools she went
Intelligent, smart, and confidant she became
Matters abstruse, subjects difficult, back and forth she mastered
But yield, she did not

Swells of curly hair, with complexion much desirable,
she was deemed pretty.
An air of unquestioned sophistication she carried
But yield she did not

Any amount of education,
All the sophistication in the world
are of little worth 
when you know not how to yield

To yield despite your right
To be patient despite your turn
Each by itself is worth a phd
At least in my book
And for certain, I believe, in the book of wise

"Don't talk to me in words complicated"
The daughter pointed out to the error in argument

The father replied 

To yield is to give
Especially when you don't have to

To yield is to let go
And again when you don't have to

And when you are in 4th grade
You will also know
To yield is to concede
In order to Gain

"How should I yield"
She asked, sure to extend the argument
The father dug deep and said

Like a father to his daughter
And a mother to her son
As the ground to your feet
And as the sun to the clouds
And like a Red wood to the scurrying ant

With love
with good faith
Just like a big sister you are to your brother