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A Trickle And A Torrent


Pralayagnini Karatalamuna,
Sikharagrini Konaveluna,
Mundu Mundu.
Sari netiki,
Tadabadu chiru padumula uravallu.


Mukkupachharani mrudu kumarulu.
Tallulai, Thandrulai.
Pempu vahimparuga
Mantrulai, Rajulai.


Borrowed a line from a film "Lavakusa" and borrowed a phrase from the greatest pair "Tirupathi Venkata Kavulu".

A Trickle and a Torrent

A step today ventured
Another step tommorrow commited
A journey of thousand miles:
Though difficult to imagine,
By derivation is conclusive.

Futile is not by any means a trickle,
But a good place to start a torrent.

Raise your hand,
Pump the air,
Take a cheer,
Count your wins.
Small or big they are all wins.