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I spend way too much time with Narayan

"Dad! Read. What is my temprature?"

"Why don't you read the numbers. I will tell you what the temperature is."


"No that is a 9"

"9 ...7....8"

"That is 97.8"

"Is that good?"

"Yes. That is an awsome temperature"

"Ok. I am going to test my awwwwm pit. Read. What is this temperature?"

"Tell me the numbers! I will tell"

"9 ....what is 0 ....6"

"I don't know that is like 96.7"

"Oh! no! You awwwe woong. There is no 7 at the end. It is a zeeeewooo"

"Ok it is 96.0 then. Stop bugging me. I am trying to eat dinner."

"What does 0 mean? is it big or small"

"It is the smallest"

"Ohhhhh! So my mouth is sicker than my awwwwm pit!!. You can have your dinner now."