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The man that said he was fine

I have heard this narrated by one of the brothers on car talk this morning.

There was a lawyer pounding on a victim for not answering his question of whether he did or did not (that is how I suppose lawyers talk, they give options also called traps) say he was fine to the state trooper.

The victim was eager to tell his whole story and not constrained by this "yes" or "no" lawyer speak. So he says he loaded his farm truck with an ass (some kind of an animal that humans are expected to be kind to)and on his merry way to his farm (whistling and all that) on one of the many highways. At this point the lawyer makes a plea to the judge that this man is not answering his question.

Nevertheless the judge is very interested to hear about the ass (Please, take your mind out of the gutter. It is an animal, people). So the man continues. He was soon hit by a trailer and he found himself in a ditch while the ass chose to land in a nearby one. He was hurting real bad and so was the animal. He could hear it moan. A trooper appeared on the scene soon after. Looked at the animal and point blank went the weapon and there were no more moans.

The trooper approached the victim. And the victim submits to the court that he was pleased to tell the patrol he was absolutely fine and the kind officer could sheath his weapon safely.