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Sreerama chandram, Sritha-paarijatham
Salakshmanam, Bhumi-sutha-sameitham,
Lokabhi-ramam, Raghu-vamsa-somam
Rajadhi-rajam, Sirasaa-namaami


Beautiful, Lustrous, and Illustrious Rama, 
A bloom to those that serve, the kindest,
In acommpaniment with Lakshmana, 
In consort with the One begotten of the mother Earth (Seetha),
Dearest of the people, 
Most victorious of the Raghava Dynasty,
King among kings, 
I bow in reverence


The construction of this hymn, or poem is very efficient, almost brief. Everything is a bunch of nouns put together.

Second characteristic of the hymn are the inferences from these nouns to a much richer library of previously told fables and stories.

Finally it seem to be constructed explicitly for a song and not a written medium. The words are chosen not to break the consonance with a specific musical scale in mind.


"Sritha" appearing in "Aasritha", imply devotee or devoteee, or for whom "to serve" is a calling. "Paarijatham" besides being a flower also connotes the "plentiful tree of Gods" called "Kalpa-vruksham". The tree that confers on you what ever you wish. Together "Sritha-parijatham" implies One who is all giving to those that Serve him.